The Embryo Concept
A Theory About The Development Of Our Universe

Think about it. Two microscopic pieces of genetic code (in reproductive cells) combine to guide the development of an embryo. An embryo that eventually becomes an offspring that may weigh hundreds of pounds!

Develop Associations: Now think about the whole universe developing similar to the development of a human embryo. Think of the development of a human embryo as a model for the development of the whole universe. The model is not a miniature scale model of the universe. Instead, the model is believed to be nearly identical to the universe in concept: each element or function in the model has a parallel element or function in the universe.

Think of the time scale being: one day's development of a human embryo is similar to 1000 year's development of the universe. That is a time scale of one to 365,000. Further, think of the whole universe being in a similar stage of development to that of a human embryo entering the 14th day after conception.

Use the Concept to Promote Understanding: Think of the function and responsibilities of human beings in the whole universe as being similar to that of blood in a human being. Part of the blood in a human being provides nourishment so individual cells can function and grow. Part of the blood cleans away by-products. Part of the blood protects against disease, etc.

As we enter the next century and millennia, expect a greater awareness that we are all in this together. Each person has a function and responsibility in the universe. What one person does has some effect on everyone else, and vice versa. Each person's function and responsibly is somewhat unique in the universe. Some groups of people may have functions and responsibilities in the universe as different as that of red and white cells in the blood.

Problems in the universe may be similar to diseases in a human body. Solutions to problems in the universe maybe similar in concept to solutions to diseases in the human body. This concept can be as big and complex as your imagination allows! A 12 year old child should be able to understand the basic theory; yet, a person with a Ph.D. may be overwhelmed by the possibilities....!

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